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[hēhē™plus]The Super Hero Collection SH010-SH020 hehe nail stamping plates

  • $600

The Super Hero Collection

Update:NEW ARRIVAL ON 28TH MAY 2019:#SH019,SH020

#SH001-SH009 are currently discontinued!

Plate Size



All of our nail art plates are made of high quality stainless steels.


1) Before use, peel off the tight, protective, blue plastic film on top of each plate.

2) Must use stamper and scraper in order to stamp images from the nail plates properly.


THE NEW :#SH019,#SH020

 #SH015  #SH016  #SH017  #SH018 

#SH013  #SH014


Thank you all so much for liking hehe plates and supporting aiyoohehe.

Haiyan owns hēhē™ brand, and designs all products of hēhē™.

The HĒHĒ™ plates only sold in authentic retail stores which have our legal sealed ratification. This is the only way to distinguish our genuine seller. And Aiyoohehe is the only authorized dealer overseas. Please read this [READ ME]page: 


Official Instagram: @heheplate

Haiyan's Instagram: @haiyanails

Siqi's Instagram: @siqinails


Youtube: aiyoohehe nails

Haiyan's Weibo (in China):

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