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Hi dears,Thank you all so much for liking hehe plates.There will be 8 new Hēhē plus plates.3 of them belong to Super Hero collection.5 of them are the new collection called Fairy Tale.

New arrival on 9th Sep. All orders placed between 9th and 16th Sep will be posted before 17th Sep. And all orders during this time will come with a stamp as free gift. Don't miss out coz its only limited for the first 100 customers. Hurry up:))))

Hope you like them!Have fun!

And there is another amazing thing!We coorperate with another shipping company "DHL"now.DHL is very fast and safe with a higher price.It will be 2-4 days from China to you(Except RU).I sent a packge to US,it only cost me 3 days.It deserve the higher price.It is very amazing!!!

If you want to feel the magic of DHL,please contact us via facebook or email.Thank you so much for your supports and understanding.We will help you to pay more for the better shipping.We will tell you how much you have to pay for the shipping,and you can pay for it by purchasing the special link.For example:you pay more $10,so what you have to do is choose the quantity as 10.Here's the special link:


Contact me at:

whatsapp:+86 155 8888 6147

Super Hero 010-012


Fairy Tale 001-005

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  • They look gorgeous. And I’m so happy about you using DHL now even when the shipping it’s going to be a little bit higher. It’s safer and faster than China Post.

    Lizzy Kim on

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